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    77范文網 - 專業文章范例文檔資料分享平臺


    • My English Newspapers and I

      English newspapers are my good friends. I learn a lot of useful things and get rich knowledge from them. I enjoy them very much! The newspapers really open my mind, broaden my horizon, and help me kno...

    • 今天是六一兒童節 關于六一兒童節的英語作文

      六一兒童節這一天,小杰的爸爸帶著他在動物園度過了一個愉快的兒童節,今年的兒童節,你又是怎么過的呢? 今天是六一兒童節(Today is Children's Day) Today is Children's Day.My father takes me to the zoo.Ther...

    • 五年級英語作文:Water

      Water is very important to us. If you dont have water for three days, you will die. We can use water for flowers, swimming, washing and many different things. We use it to cook, make electricity, put...

    • 二年級英語作文:My school

      Our school is Xing Qi Primary. Its very big and beautiful. There is a big pond a near the playground. There are there teaching buildings. There are over fifty. Teachers and one thousand students in m...

    • 五年英語第一單元測試卷pep book5

      五年英語第一單元測試卷pep book5 14b0aa7b3aede8db5e318fbe9dd26a5b.doc(37.00 KB)...

    • 六年級英語作文:Something about Myself

      My name is Liu Wen. Im twelve-year-old girl. I have two big bright eyes and short black hair. Now Im studying in grade Six of Houxiaohe Primary School. As Im the only daughter in my family, my parent...

    • 小學五年級英語期末考試題五

      小學五年級英語期末考試題五 e58027d1906d83b642b1982ec5e602a5.doc(111.00 KB)...

    • 四年級英語作文:Glorious teacher

      Today is September 10th. Teachers Day. A teacher was invited to our school to give us a talk. He had taught for fifty years, and had won the gold medals by the Department of Education. He worked hard...

    • 四年級英語作文:暑期難忘的一件事

      It was a sunny day today,when i got up in the morning,i decided to see my grandparents.so i took the bus and got there at noon,they were happy to see me,and i was very happy,too. In the afternoon,my...

    • 四年級英語作文:My New Teacher

      My new teacher is science teacher. Hes very strong. He has a big mouth, two big ears, two big eyes and a not too big and not too small nose. He often wears a black new shirt and brown pants, with two...

    • 小學英語日記附教師評語-lucky day

      Today must be my lucky day. This morning our headteacher told us a thing: because my bedroon was very clean the teacher gave us 10 points, and I became the best cleaner. I learnt a lot of English gra...

    • 一年級英語作文:My family

      There are four people in my family, my father, my mother, my sister and me. My father likes reading. My mother likes cooking. They both work in Leliu. They always go to work by car. They work hard. M...

    • 三年級英語作文:My Family

      My name is Yu Geqin. Im nine years old. There are three members in my family, my father, my mother and I. My father is a teacher. He is very handsome. He always wears a pair of glasses. He works very...

    • 三年級英語作文:Our Teacher

      Teacher a very great jod。I want to be a teacher too。 Our English Teacher is a beautiful woman。 She is very kind to our。In the school, she always let us memorize the much too words and grammer。I...

    • 五年級英語作文:The Colour of Autumn

      The Colour of Autumn Autumn comes , it gets cooler and cooler. The sky is blue and the clouds are white. You would say autumn is blue and white. Look ! Birds are flying from the north to the south. T...

    • 五年級英語作文:Homework

      When the bell rings around 1:40 p.m. thousands of students spill into streets. Notebooks and textbooks remain stored in lockers for the next day. Because of a desades-long practice of promoting faili...

    • 我的元旦(My New Year's Day)

      Its the New Year's Day today. I got up very early! I heard the bird singing in the trees. After breakfast, my mum, my father and I went to the local park. Everything was beautiful there, We saw many...

    • 六年級英語作文:A Funny Weekend

      I am Ruby. Im 13. Now let me tell you something about my weekend. I often read books, do housework and play sports on the weekend. But last Sunday was my grandmas birthday. So I bought presents for m...

    • 二年級英語作文:A diary of My Birthday

      A diary of My Birthday Today is my nine-year-old birthday. I am very happy, because my father buys a big cake for me and my sister just comes to Guangzhou . After dinner , my family celebrate my birt...

    • 四年級作文:Do you like me?

      Hello! Everyone. Im a little rabbit. My name is Hanhan. Look! Im very lovely. My eyes are red. My ears are long. My hair is white. My tail is short. I like carrots very much. I have a good friend. Sh...

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